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“If you have been on the fence about taking the neurotoxins and filler class with Dr Sanor just do it! She will make you feel at ease, and continue to help you figure things out even after classes have wrapped up….and you meet a great group of like minded individuals to bounce ideas off of in addition to a great experience all the way around!”


“Dr Sanor’s class is a MUST DO! Her expertise and knowledge are unmatched. She provides so much hands on training plus her and her amazing staff will prepare you for immediate implementation. You will not regret this class!!”


"One on one training with Dr. Sanor was incredibly comprehensive! I walked away with everything, literally EVERYTHING, I need to not only be proficient in toxins and peels, but also to start my own practice. From text books, to supply and vendor lists, multiple patients to practice on, and walking me through every single step. I chose Dr. Sanor, rather than a class-based training, for these reasons and more. Her incredible attention to detail and knowledge of anatomy and pathophysiology helps you understand the “why” in addition to the “how”. If that wasn’t enough, she also consults with me via phone/text and advises me while I’m still learning. The staff is was also very professional, kind, and helpful to me through the whole process. I HIGHLY recommend this training. It is a true investment in your skills and business. I really felt like the whole team cared about my success!"


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