• Michelle Sanor,

    Dr. Michelle Sanor attended University of Central Oklahoma, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Dr. Sanor has been involved with dentistry since 1997, when she began working as a dental assistant. She loved the dental field so much that she decided to attend the University of Oklahoma, College of Dentistry for her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Since graduating, Dr. Sanor has taken many hours of continuing education in facial aesthetics, which includes administering dermal fillers, neurotoxins, lasers, etc. to improve the appearance of your face, neck, and skin. 

    After graduating in 2005, Dr. Sanor worked as an associate dentist at a dental clinic until opening Elite Smiles in 2007. Dr. Sanor decided to open Elite Smiles so that she could give patients the quality care that they need in addition to providing them with extended cosmetic dentistry services. Every patient who visits with Dr. Sanor receives her full attention. One of her favorite parts of being a dentist is having the opportunity to get to know our patients and building friendships with each of them. Dr. Sanor feels very fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people who she can call her friends. They help to make every day at work a joy.

    Dr. Sanor’s goal is to provide her patients and their families the kind of quality dental experience that she desires for her own family. In her spare time, she loves being with her family. Dr. Sanor has three boys and one girl.

  • Jerry Fitzgerald,
    Certified Dental Assistant

    Jerry has worked in dentistry for 24 years. Jerry attended Platt College and OSU-OKC in Oklahoma City, and Rose State College in Midwest City. Jerry stays involved in his work by not only day to day operations at the clinic, but also volunteering his time to help those with dental emergencies. He is also very active in continuing education always keeping up on the newest techniques in both dentistry and cosmetic services. Jerry’s goal is to make our patients feel comfortable and stay smiling with his sense of humor. His motto is “Dentistry is a drag; we might as well have fun while you’re here”.

    Jerry has four kids, two grown natural children, and 2 small kids he adopted at birth. In his spare time he loves to go camping, rivers rafting, and spend a lot of time with family. Jerry also helps run a house flipping business. Jerry loves to live life to the fullest and plans to never have the “I wish I would have” mentality.

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