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Our friendly dental team at Elite Smiles is thrilled to provide cosmetic and family dentistry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to give you the healthy, beautiful, and strong oral cavity you deserve. To do so, we happily provide the following dental services:

These services give Dr. Michelle A. Sanor the ability to restore the health of your tooth, replace missing teeth, and thoroughly examine, prevent, and treat any dental problems. In order to have the best oral health possible, we also need your help. We strongly recommend that you participate in a daily oral hygiene routine and attend regular dental checkups if you wish to have the healthiest oral cavity possible.

Your daily oral hygiene routine should involve brushing your teeth every morning and every night, flossing your teeth once a day, and using a fluoride treatment daily, which could include fluoride mouthwash or fluoride toothpaste. This is a great way to deeply clean your mouth every day as well as prevent dental issues.

Your regular dental checkups will involve our dental team deeply cleaning your oral cavity and closely examining your teeth, gums, and jaw. With these appointments, your dentist or hygienist will scrape the surfaces of your teeth, floss between each tooth, nourish your teeth with fluoride, and polish your teeth with a special dental substance. Your dentist will also use special dental tools and x-rays to closely examine your entire oral cavity, identify any problems, and treat those problems right away.

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