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My name is Dr Michelle Sanor, I graduated from the Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2005. Since graduating I have built a successful private cosmetic dental practice in Oklahoma City. My undergraduate degree was in chemistry which has helped me decipher through all the new technology and products that have come out over the last 17 years. 

Early on I knew I was interested in the cosmetic side of the industry ever since I started getting neurotoxins on myself while in dental school at the age of 27. After starting my practice, I quickly realized many of my patients worried about the aging process as well. I knew that with my extensive training with cadavers while in dental school that I could achieve great results with a better understanding of the anatomy of the head and neck.

It quickly became the best part of my career because nobody sends you thank you texts and desserts for fixing a cavity. The most gratifying part of my practice is the cosmetic smile makeovers and the confidence my clients have after the cosmetic procedures I do.

Over the last 17 years I have trained and collaborated with colleagues before the internet, and classes were even available. Through the years as more hands-on courses became available, I expanded my education into lasers, PDO threads, chemical peels and skin care. With the knowledge I’ve gained and years of experience I have tweaked my own and other’s techniques using toxins, dermal fillers lasers and threads to achieve long lasting results.

In recent years it has came to my attention that most people trying to get into this industry are spending their time and money on classes only to feel lost, scared and less confident than they did before they attended the class. I personally feel that you should be able to leave my class confident enough to start your first patient immediately and have the continued guidance from myself as you see your clients the first few months. I feel very fortunate that I came up in a time where the industry was about helping your clients and helping each other succeed, whereas now it seems as though the industry is taking a turn for the worst, and I feel like it’s my responsibility to do my part in helping others to succeed.

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