The removal of unwanted hair is easier than ever with the Diolaze™ system! Using state-of-the-art diode lasers, Diolaze is both powerful and quick, providing a comfortable and pain-free hair removal treatment. If you would like to learn more about Diolaze in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, offered by our dentist, Dr. Michelle A. Sanor, give us a call today!

Laser hair removal works by using the principle of selective thermolysis to specifically target pigment and remove unwanted hair from your body. The laser targets the dark pigment within the root of your hair, generating heat that removes the hair and prevents it from growing back.

Laser hair removal may be performed on any area of the body or face. Hair grows in stages, so you will likely need several treatment sessions in order to achieve the results you desire. Our dentist will work with you to determine how many sessions you will need.

There are several steps you will need to take in preparation for receiving laser hair removal:

  • Shave the day prior to your treatment
  • Avoid the sun for two weeks before your appointment
  • Do not wax or pluck for two weeks prior to your appointment
  • Do not use products that increase your skin sensitivity for at least a week prior to treatment
  • Do not use a self-tanning lotion

After treatment, a pink or reddish color may linger in the treated area for a day or so. This will dissipate quickly, and your skin will regain its normal color shortly after treatment. You will see progressively less visible hair growth after each treatment session, with the complete removal of your unwanted hair in the treated area after the final treatment session.

After your treatment sessions, we recommend that you:

  • Avoid sun exposure for two weeks
  • Do not exercise the day after your treatment
  • Do not take a hot bath or shower the day of your treatment
  • Avoid using strong products or exfoliating your skin, as this could irritate it

For more information about laser hair removal and to schedule a consultation with our dentist, please contact our office today.

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