Look and feel your best with aesthetician services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Our dentist can provide a number of beauty services, including facial waxing, chemical peels and microdermabrasion! Call today to schedule a treatment with Dr. Michelle A. Sanor.


Facial Waxing Services:

  • Lips $10
  • Chin $10
  • Sides of Face $15
  • Eyebrows $15
  • Nostrils $10
  • Ears $10

Lash and Brow Services:

  • Lash Lift $75
    A lash lift is a safe perm for your eyelashes, giving you long-lasting curl in your lashes. One treatment will give you a lash curl that will last two to three months, even after showering or swimming.
  • Lash Tint $20
    Eyelash tinting produces a similar effect to mascara. It visibly lengthens, darkens and thickens the appearance of eyelashes without smudging, clotting or rubbing off.
  • Lash Lift and Tint $90
    Mascara, be gone! All-natural keratin treatment that combines the lash lift and tint to lift, curl and enrich the tone of your eyelashes. A great alternative to lash extensions that makes your eyes bright and awake.
  • Brow Tint $20
    The application of a gentle dye to your eyebrows to make them a shade or two darker. For light-colored brows, tinting can work wonders at giving you a fuller-looking brow.
  • Brow Wax and Tint $30
    Get your brow cleaned up with a brow wax and then emphasize it with a brow tint!

Chemical Peels:

  • Epionce™ Mal-E or Sal-E Peel $75
    Infused with powerful botanical extracts like apple and willow bark, Epionce peels quickly yet gently retexturizes skin to reveal smoother, clearer skin after just one treatment — without downtime. Epionce peels yield outstanding aesthetic results for healthier-looking skin. For optimal results: recommend two to six peels spaced a minimum of three weeks apart.
  • Epionce™ Light Peel: Refresh $75
    Effective solution for improving skin clarity and refreshing the skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This peel leaves skin smoother, more radiant and less congested. After treatment, skin should look refreshed and slightly pink for some patients.
    For optimal results: recommend three to six peel treatments spaced at least two weeks apart.


  • LED Facial $90
    A combination of steam and enzyme exfoliation, followed by an LED beauty nap! Thirty minutes under the LED panel then a sweep with the high-frequency tool to give you smoother, clearer skin. Notice results right away with full results in three days.


  • Dermaplane Facial $75
    A medical-grade scalpel is used to exfoliate the top layer of your face. The result is deep exfoliation and the removal of “peach fuzz,” which will leave your skin visibly smoother and brighter. Skincare products will also perform more effectively!
  • Derma-Rez Facial $150
    Dermaplaning followed with a nano-technology treatment that initiates the body’s natural restorative properties, resulting in cell repair and regeneration. Results are immediate.
  • Derma-Rez LED Facial $175
    Our Derma-Rez facial followed by a 30-minute “beauty nap” under our three-mode LED panel to further engage the body’s restorative properties.


  • Microdermabrasion Facial $75
    A modern and effective exfoliating method, which uses a diamond-tipped wand to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells. Skin will be noticeably smoother after just one treatment! Your skincare products will also perform more effectively.
  • Diamond-Rez Facial $150
    Microdermabrasion followed with a nano-technology treatment that initiates the body’s natural restorative properties, resulting in cell repair and regeneration. Results are immediate.
  • Diamond-Rez LED Facial $175
    Our Diamond-Rez facial followed by a 30-minute “beauty nap” under our three-mode LED panel to further engage the body’s natural restorative properties.
  • Full-Body Microdermabrasion $200
    A rejuvenating anti-aging treatment for the entire body. Using a diamond-tipped wand, this treatment gently erases fine lines and removes impurities to reveal smooth, soft, radiant skin. After exfoliation, warm towels take care of any excess, and our favorite body moisturizer seals in hydration for maximum benefits.
  • Body Booster $300
    Diamond-tipped microdermabrasion meets pure oxygen for ultimate results. A full-body treatment that begins with all-over exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities followed by a head-to-toe application of pure oxygen-infused with a nutrient-packed oxygen serum to deeply hydrate and revitalize skin with luminous results. Finished with our favorite moisturizer for soft, radiant skin.

Multi-Modality Facials:

  • Triple Treat $200 / 90 minutes
    A unique combination of dermaplaning or microdermabrasion, microcurrent, and oxygen-infused therapy to refine, lift and tone your skin. The immediately visible results are smooth, firm, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow. Every session triggers collagen and elastin production for immediately visible results and cumulative benefits over time.
  • Beauty Boost $140 / 90 minutes
    The ultimate resurfacing treatment to transform your skin. A multi-step process that combines dermaplaning or microdermabrasion, LED light and pure oxygen therapies, and a detox mask to eliminate dead skin cells, pull out impurities and supercharge your skin’s natural healing abilities for a flawless complexion.
  • Revitalight $125 / 90 minutes
    A focused anti-aging treatment designed for maximum benefit in minimal time. Dermaplaning or microdermabrasion reveals healthy skin and is followed by targeted LED light therapy to stimulate collagen production, and pure oxygen therapy restores and locks in hydration. Radiance is restored in a flash.